List of books published or promoted by the Glassboro Historical Society.

A photo of the book the Glassboro Story
The Glassboro Story by Robert D. Bole and Edward H. Walton

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 Originally published in 1964, The Glassboro Story has since become an important historical source on the founding and subsequent development of Glassboro, NJ. In this digital format, the book is made publicly available as an educational resource to help students, researchers, and community members learn about the history of Glassboro, NJ. We also hope to spark a deeper connection with Glassboro and to inspire new scholarship and learning within subjects such as Cultural Geography, American Studies, United States History, and Public History. 

A photo of the book History of ElsmereThe History of Elsmere: African American Life in Glassboro, New Jersey

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Author Robert P. Tucker describes middle-class life in a small, semi-rural Glassboro, New Jersey minority neighborhood, offering a history that spans over three centuries. From the clearing of land for farming to the building of segregated schools and housing developments just twenty miles southeast of Philadelphia, Tucker chronicles the history of the neighborhood as only a lifelong resident could. He also speaks to the harrowing experiences of escaping the Ku Klux Klan and living through the poverty of the Depression, sharing the story of minority life in the community.