Through the development of unique partnerships and our fundraising and applying for grants, the Glassboro Historical Society researches and develops various publications that add to the understanding of Glassboro’s rich historical and cultural heritage. Our publications include newsletters, books, interactive online projects, maps, student projects, and essays. Our publication partners include Rowan University Libraries Digital Scholarship Center,Rowan University’s Cultural Geography Honors program, The Heritage Glass Museum, and the Gloucester County Library.

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Glassboro Historical Society Newsletters

The Glassboro Historical Society offers a free newsletter that shares information on Glassboro’s history and past and upcoming events. The newsletter is published twice a year.

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Glassboro Historical Society Books

The Glassboro Historical Society works to support authors, and to publish and promote books related to Glassboro’s historical and cultural heritage. Through our promotional efforts, book signings such as for Robert P.  Tucker’s The History of Elsmere: African American Life in Glassboro, NJ have recently attracted large crowds. As an educational resource, we have provided free online access to Robert D. Bole and Edward H. Walton’s book, The Glassboro Story. We are also supporting John Campbell and Mike Benson’s research in  developing the book, Glassboro’s Fallen Heroes, which documents and honors the lives of our military service members who have died in battle. 

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A photo of the Glassboro Memory Mapping project

The Glassboro Memory Mapping Project

The Glassboro Memory Mapping project was developed as an innovative community partnership between Rowan University’s Cultural Geography Honors Course, the Rowan University Libraries Digital Scholarship Center, the Glassboro Historical Society, and the Heritage Glass Museum. The project creates this publicly accessible online digital archive containing a wide variety of material related to the history and development of Glassboro, NJ. 

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